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Rémi Delmas

Previous experience

Before joining ONERA, from 2005  to 2009, I was employed by Prover Technology and in charge of designing and developping advanced SAT-based formal verification techniques for SIL-4 railway control applications (interlocking and real-time train control), known as Prover Certifier solutions. In particular, I developped the SIL-4 certifiable SAT-based equivalence (ie, bisimulation) checker for sequential boolean circuits.

While there, I also held the technical manager position for Ansaldo-STS (FR), Invensys-Westinghouse (UK), Airbus (FR), and maintained the SCADE Desgin Verifier Plug-In.

I was also briefly in charge of client prospection in the UK, of pre-sale technical feasibility studies, and the manager of a small agile validation team for SIL-4 grade software verification solutions.