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Rémi Delmas

Academic Curriculum

In 2004 I obtained a PhD in computer science from the ISAE doctoral school. My PhD grant was financed and hosted by ONERA/DTIM where I work now.

My PhD resarch addressed the design of a formal meta-logical framework based on category theory for the modelling and verification of integrated modular avionics systems (IMA), unifying domain oriented views and properties of the system: functional correctness, real time performance, fault tolerance; allowing to compose results of analyses performed in each view using for instance the lesar Model-Checker for Lustre for functional properties, the UPAAL model checker for real-time properties,  and minimal cutset generators for safety assessment.

Between 2000 and 2001 I was a post-graduate computer science student at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, specializing in real-time physics-based 3D animation (hosted at RMIT's Interactive Information Institute "I cubed").

In 2000 I obtained an aerospace engineering dergee from ENSMA, with a major in Industrial computer systems and formal methods.