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Sylvain Bertrand

Research Scientist
PhD, MSc, Dip. Eng.
ONERA - System Design and Performance evaluation Department (DCPS)
Space and Defence Systems Unit (SSD)

Research activities

Main research topics:

  • Estimation and control of dynamic systems: model predictive control, adaptive control, output feedback, stability analysis of hierarchical controlers, singular perturbations, moving horizon estimators, control and estimation for constrained systems
  • Autonomous systems: guidance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), multi-vehicles coordination and cooperation, path finding and trajectory generation, estimation strategies for autonomous navigation and experiments
  • Space: mission and vulnerability analysis of satellites and space systems, space debris trajectory estimation and prediction, launchers

Supervising activities (from  2007):

  • 2 PhD students (in cooperation with Supelec)
  • 9 Master's Degree students (internships)
  • 11 student projects (robotics)

Publications: list of publications

Teaching activities

Control of linear systems (at ESIEA, from 2010): lectures, tutorials, practical work sessions

Robotics (at ESIEA, from 2013): lectures, practical work sessions

C programming (at ECE, 2009-2011): practical work sessions

Discrete event systems (at ESIEA, 2009): lectures, tutorials


Chemin de la Hunière
FR-91761 Palaiseau Cedex, France
+33 1 80 38 66 12
sylvain (dot) bertrand (at) onera (dot) fr