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Success stories

Research conducted at Onera has materialized into innovations for the benefit of industry and as a response to social challenges. Discover some of the great successes that Onera has contributed.

  • GRAVES, the space monitoring radar discover

  • The GOCE space mission accelerometers discover

  • Coast surveillance with surface wave radar discover

  • Biomass measurement by the Sethi airborne radar discover

  • Doped spectral optronic radar images discover

  • The Scorpio cooled infrared detector discover

  • The Girafon embeddable atomic gravimeter discover

  • Mini, mini, Onera’s optical parametric oscillators discover

  • Customized LASER sources to characterize wakes discover

  • Embedded intelligence in underwater drones discover

  • The invention of digital metallurgy for engines discover

  • Nickel-based superalloy hollow tubes discover

  • Onera, leader in adaptive optics discover

  • Predicting engine temperature discover

  • Simulating aircraft noise discover

  • Mapping pressure on the wing discover

  • Numerical simulation of the stall discover


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