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Control of an Axisymmetric Turbulent Wake



Séminaire de mécaflu

ONERA, Meudon

ONERA - Bâtiment AY - 8 rue des Vertugadins - 92190 Meudon - Salle 062 à 11h00

Pr. J. Morrison, Imperial College, London

It is shown that even at high Reynolds numbers, a wake is dominated by coherent structures that arise from the symmetry breaking laminar instabilities. While control is often attempted mode by mode, here we show how a high-frequency periodic jet, issuing immediately below the point of separation, can be used to control entrainment into the wake so that the base pressure can be varied more or less at will. We further show that the forcing can reduce the energy of all modes without selection and an explanation of this process is suggested.

Les personnes extérieures à l'ONERA qui souhaiteraient participer au séminaire sont priées de se manifester par retour de mail (mecaflu.seminaire @