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DCSD - Commande des systèmes et dynamique du vol


Exhost-PIPE (EXtended High-level Oriented and STandard Platform Independent Petri net Editor) is an extension of PIPE for designing, analysing and playing ordinary, modular, coloured and time Petri nets as well as two specific types of nets defined at the ONERA-DCSD: particle Petri nets and plan Petri nets.

The tool interfaces according to PNML standards. Several plug-in modules implement analysis or transformation algorithms and allow operations on both new kinds of Petri nets. The user interface has been modified so as to help customising the displayed information.

Exhost-PIPE has been developed at the ONERA-DCSD by Olivier Bonnet-Torrès, Patrice Domenech, Aziz El Bouzidi, Charles Lesire and Catherine Tessier.

Download the ATPN'06 demonstration poster!

Exhost-PIPE is open-source software. As an extension and modification of PIPE 1 its distribution is subject to the GNU General Public License.

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