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Workshop ORINOCO on jet noise reduction with plasma actuators

Wednesday 25th September 2013 - Onera Châtillon (Salle Contensou)


The participation is free of charge, but registration is required.

Logo OrinocoIncreasing noise restrictions around civilian airports continue to offer a challenging problem for aircraft and engine manufacturers. Research and development efforts over many years have resulted in significant reductions in the noise radiated by aircraft engines currently in service. Despite these progresses, jet noise still remains the main source of noise at takeoff.  To reach the targets of the ACARE agenda (a reduction of the external noise by 10 EPNdB per operation of fixed-wing aircraft by 2020) a technology breakthrough is now necessary.

ORINOCO embodies the cooperation between Europe and Russia in the framework of advanced engine noise control based on plasma actuators. The novel concept of using plasma actuators controlling jet noise requires a fundamental approach to understanding the interaction mechanisms with the main jet and the resulting radiated sound. Several avenues of investigation - theoretical, numerical and experimental – are pursued towards the evaluation of new plasma actuators concepts for jet noise reduction.

The present workshop will provide the opportunity to present the main results obtained in ORINOCO. During the four years of the project, some actuators were developed and improved for the specific objective of jet noise reduction. The instability wave concept was at the centre of theoretical investigations to analyse the mechanisms of noise radiation. Finally, control strategies were studied through stability analysis in order to define the best way to act on the jet.



Preliminary Program


9h00-9h15Welcome (Franck Cléro and Victor Kopiev, coordinators of ORINOCO)
Session 1: Plasma actuators (Chairman: Daniel Caruana, Onera)


Plasma actuator based on HF DBD technology
V.A. Bityurin, A.I. Klimov, I.A. Moralev
Joint Institute of High Temperature RAS


The Plasma Synthetic Jet Actuator - Physics and Modelling
D. Caruana, F. Rogier, G. Dufour, O. Léon

10h05-10h30Plasma actuator based on slipping surface discharge technology
I.A. Kossyi, N.K. Berezetskaya, M.I. Taktakishvili
General Physics Institute RAS


Coffee break

Session 2: Instability wave (Chairman: Peter Jordan, CNRS P' Institute)
10h30-11h00"Gestion de systèmes et gestion d'imprévus" par Vincent Ferrari (CReA)
10h50-11h15Instability wave active control. Acoustic realization.
V.F. Kopiev, I.V. Belyaev, G.A. Faranosov, V.A. Kopiev  and M. Yu. Zaytsev
Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute (TsAGI)


Subsonic wave packet dynamics and turbulent jet noise
M. Zhang, A.V.G. Cavalieri & P. Jordan
CNRS P' Institute


An Investigation of Dynamic of Ordered Structure in Axisymmetric Turbulent Jet under Transversal Acoustic Excitation
S. Krasheninnikov, A. Mironov



Demonstration of the possibility of instability wave control by plasma actuators. Realization of the feedback loop in the system of instability wave control
V.F. Kopiev, I.V. Belyaev, G.A. Faranosov, V.A. Kopiev, N.N. Ostrikov, M.Yu. Zaitsev, Y.S. Akishev, M.E. Grushin, N.I. Trushkin, V.A. Bityurin, A.I.Klimov, I.A. Moralev, I.A. Kossyi, N.K. Berezetskaya, M.I. Taktakishvili
Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute (TsAGI), Scientific Research Center RF TRINITI, Joint Institute of High Temperature RAS, General Physics Institute RAS


Session 3: Jet Noise simulations (Chairman: Nicolay Ostrikov, TsAGI)


Simulation of a Mach 0.9 jet controlled with Plasma Synthetic Jets
M. Huet


LES simulations on a high speed jet for the study of large scale instabilities
J. Kok, M. Tuinstra


Acoustic and hydrodynamic near field pressure fluctuations induced by compressible jets: analysis of experimental and numerical data
R. Camussi, S. Grizzi
Università Roma Tre


Coffee break

Session 4: Test campaign (Chairman: Sergey Krasheninnikov, CIAM)
15h35-16h00Jet Noise Suppression by a Corrugated Nozzle
V.F. Kopiev, V.A. Kopiev, N. N. Ostrikov, M.Yu. Zaitsev
Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute (TsAGI)


Aerodynamic perturbation of high-Reynolds-number subsonic jets using PSJ actuators
O. Léon, T. Castelain, D. Caruana, P. Souchotte, D. Juvé


Modifications of the far-field acoustics of high-Reynolds-number subsonic jets using PSJ actuators
T. Castelain, O. Léon, D. Caruana, P. Souchotte, D. Juvé