Conférence de Francisco Chinesta : From data-based engineering sciences to engineered data

ONERA, Palaiseau

Conférence de Mathias Fink : Contrôle des ondes et retournement temporel par transformation spatio-temporelleConférence de Francisco Chinesta, Professeur ENSAM ParisTech ESI Group Chair – Académie d'Espagne

11h00 - salle Marcel Pierre

In the previous industrial revolution, virtual twins (emulating a physical system) were major protagonists. However, usually
numerical models (virtual twins) are static, that is, they are used in the design of complex systems and their components, but they
are not expected to accommodate or assimilate data. The reason is that the characteristic time of standard simulation strategies is
not compatible with the real-time constraints mandatory for control purposes. Model Order Reduction techniques opened new
possibilities for more efficient simulations.

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