AerospaceLab Journal 7: Aeroacoustics

Aerospace Lab is an open access electronic journal dedicated to scientific progress in aeronautics and space research. Its featured technical fields therefore include aerodynamics, propulsion, materials, structures, physics, sensors, information processing, and systems engineering.


Most of the articles of this issue address numerical simulations and the thorough understanding of noise generation, topics which are directly linked to the “reduction of noise at the source”, probably the most conventional axis for noise reduction among those promoted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) “balanced approach”.

The six first issues, still on line, were respectively dedicated to:

  • Optical Diagnostics of Flows
  • CFD Platforms and Coupling
  • High Temperature Materials
  • Mastering Complexity
  • Lightning Hazards to Aircraft and Launchers,
  • Flow Control: the Renewal of Aerodynamics?

The next one will present advances on Aerial robotics.

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