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ONERA and NASA co-publish a book on materials

The special issue of the international journal "Materials at High Temperature" with the title "High Temperature Materials for Aerospace Applications" has just been published. The book, co-edited by ONERA, NASA and Georgia Tech, contains four articles by ONERA researchers; this is the strongest representation.

The main actors who have contributed in this field internationally are from France, Germany, the UK, Japan, Austria and the USA. Major industrialists participated, such as GE, Rolls-Royce and Mitsubishi-Hitachi, as well as research institutions and universities, including Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), the Universities of Oxford and Birmingham (UK), the École des Mines de Paris, the ENSMA at Poitiers, and the Ensiacet of Toulouse, etc.

Esteban Busso, Scientific Director of the Materials and Structures division, was in charge of co-publishing the book on ONERA’s side. The articles written by ONERA researchers address issues such as fatigue, titanium aluminides, additive manufacturing, and thermal protection.

For more information, see the journal website:

In aerospace, high temperature materials mainly concern aircraft engines. The engine shown is the Rafale M88 (©Safran Aircraft Engines) for which ONERA is developing the most efficient materials.

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