ONERA becomes NASA’s "icing" partner and first international aerospace partner

ONERA has just signed a cooperation agreement with NASA (Glenn) on swept wing icing. It follows a first agreement (2006-2012) dedicated to digital simulation aspects of aircraft icing.

With a duration of three and a half years, this "Swept-Wing Ice Accretion Characterization and Aerodynamics Research" cooperation is aimed at understanding and modelling the deterioration of aircraft aerodynamic performance due to ice build-up on the wings. The programme envisages a parametric study, test campaigns at Glenn (IRT) and at ONERA (F1), and simulations. This study is related to ONERA’s SUNSET 2 research project.

ONERA and NASA together in the F1 wind tunnel in Fauga-Mauzac, to understand, deal with and remove icing.

The signing of this agreement brings the number of on-going projects with NASA up to six, which makes ONERA NASA’s first international partner in aeronautics.

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