US-France scientific cooperation on helicopters in the spotlight

The awarding of a prestigious prize from the American Helicopter Society recognises a fruitful cooperation between Onera research teams and their American partners in terms of scientific and technological research on rotating wings.

The DGA, Onera, the US Army, NASA and the Georgia Institute of Technology have been awarded the AgustaWestland International Helicopter Fellowship Award by the American Helicopter Society. It will be handed over to the participating teams at the 70th International Annual Forum of the AHS – to be held in Montreal from the 20th to the 22nd of May, 2014.  



Their teams are indeed involved in the longest cooperation in the field between France and the USA. This cooperation has led to the solving of complex scientific issues, as well as to significant advances in the understanding of basic physical phenomena. It has also enabled technological advances in the pre-competitive field, benefiting research in the field of helicopter R & D. 



This international cooperation is the result of a framework agreement between the French and American Ministries of Defence dating from 1971 and renewed in September 2013.



In the helicopter world, the International Forum of the American Helicopter Society is the most important event bringing together all of the players in this field.  



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