Mechanics of Fluids and Energy – MFE

This scientific domain encompasses research into the aerodynamics and propulsion of aeronautical and space vehicles. This research is carried out by the Aerodynamics, aeroelasticity & acoustics department (DAAA) and the Multi-physics for energetics department (DMPE), respectively. The research is aimed at increasing the performance and safety of current vehicles and developing new configurations that are more economical and environmentally-friendly.





In aerodynamics, we study the fundamental phenomena (turbulence, separations, vortices, shockwaves, etc.) that limit the performance of aircraft, and how these are coupled with structural behavior (aeroelasticity). The contribution of these phenomena to noise (aeroacoustics) is also an important research topic.







In the field of energy, the development of more efficient and less polluting propulsion systems is based on the mastery of different types of combustion (liquid, solid, hybrid) and on the design and characterization of new fuels. This field also covers research into the coupling of different physical phenomena, such as the behavior of materials subjected to intense heat flux (in atmospheric re-entry, for example) or the formation of ice on the sensitive surfaces of aircraft.


This research draws on the use of an extensive fleet of test resources (wind tunnels, test benches), on software tools managed by the Advanced Numerical Simulation scientific domain, and on the capacities of the supercomputers of ONERA and its partners.


Scientific topics of the Mechanics of Fluids and Energy – MFE domain

The MFE domain covers 13 scientific topics spread across 2 departments of ONERA.

Topics Scientific Department References
Acoustics: sources, propagation and impact DAAA-DMPE 60 - 9
Flow control DAAA 60 - 10
Thermal degradation of materials DMPE 60 - 9
Development of experimental setups and measurement techniques DAAA-DMPE 60 - 10
Free flow dynamics DAAA 60 - 10
Near-wall turbulent flow dynamics DAAA-DMPE 60 - 10
Hypersonic flows DAAA-DMPE 60, 62 - 10
Multiphase flows DMPE 62 - 10
Reactive flows DMPE 62 - 10
Exploitation of experimental and digital data DAAA-DMPE 60, 61 - 10
Energetic materials, emissions and atmospheric dispersion DMPE 62 - 10
Physics of icing DMPE 60, 62 - 10
Heat transfer DMPE 60, 62 - 9, 10