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Acoustic propagation

Acoustic propagation

  • 1 Acoustic Propagation around a High-Lift Wing Profile

    Acoustic propagation around a high lift wing profile in a non- uniform flow
  • 2 Reconciliation of calculation time and complexity

    An acoustic propagation calculation with hybrid coupling meshing methods has shown the importance of the process for industrial applications. Hybrid coupling meshing methods make it easier to take into account complex geometries (finite-element unstructured meshing- discontinuous Galerkine method) while reducing calculation costs (structured Cartesian meshing with finite differences over the rest of the domain)
  • 3 New tools for numerical simulations

    Acoustic propagation calculations, by solving Euler* equations, have been successfully chained with an LES* simulation of a hot jet at Mach 0 7... These equations, solved in an appropriate manner, can correctly simulate the propagation of acoustic waves for industrial configurations
  • 4 Effects of Installation on the Downstream Fan Noise from Dual Flow Turbojets

    The numerical studies were performed using the sAbrinA calculation software, which can simulate the complex phenomena of acoustic generation and propagation... View of the acoustic propagation in the median plane of the nozzle[ static state, on the left; take-off state, on the right
  • 5 IESTA uses the CARMEN module to simulate the noise of aircraft in flight

    The Carmen software module provided by Onera simulates the sound of planes on the ground by modeling the aircraft noise sources, installation effects and acoustic propagation in the lower atmosphere. Carmen was developed by Onera acousticians and integrated into the IESTA 3 platform Clean Airport application