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Active control

Active control

  • 1 Wing flutter control in S2MA wind-tunnel

    A demonstration of active control of wing flutter by control surfaces was successfully confirmed in the ONERA S2Ma wind tunnel. ONERA aeroelasticity specialists have confirmed the active control of wing flutter by control surfaces in a wind tunnel (end of 2010). With this control, the appearance of this instability phenomenon has been delayed, allowing a distinct increase in the flight domain
  • 2 Buffeting in the air

    The Cat3D model was created for an Onera's project, whose subject was the active control of flows. The engineers carried out a test campaign on predicting" the buffeting" phenomenon, using a modern transport aircraft profile with moving flaps on the trailing edges- in order to study the phenomenon for different flap positions
  • 3 1963 à 1983 - The expansion

    In the late 70s, ONERA undertook the first studies on generalized active control, which would revolutionize the design of combat aircraft (Mirage 2000, Rafale) and later of commercial aircraft (the Airbus 320 and then the 330 and 340). The last flagship example of this golden age