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Aerodynamic noise

Aerodynamic noise

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  • 1 Acoustic Propagation around a High-Lift Wing Profile

    Great progress has been achieved in noise reduction of the engines over the past decades, so the aerodynamic noise is not negligible anymore, particularly in landing configuration... In this domain, a deep understanding of the origins of aerodynamic noise is required to produce efficient control devices
  • 2 Simulation of the noise of landing gear through CFD*

    The external noise of an airliner in the approach phase is essentially aerodynamic and mostly comes from the friction of the air on the structure of the landing gear... The aerodynamic noise generated by the lift augmenting1 and landing gear systems constitutes the major source of the exterior noise of jumbo jets in the approach phase
  • 3 A laser to measure noise

    When one wants to reduce aeroplane noise related to air flow along the wings,* or aerodynamic noises, it is important to know precisely where they come from and how they are formed. However, it isn't possible to place sensors everywhere, both because of cost and for sensor sturdiness reasons
  • 4 A Higher Degree of Industrial Realism for Aerodynamic Simulation

    Industrialists and government agencies have praised the technological effect prediction quality of ONERA's aerodynamic simulation software elsA. The latest developments around the multigrid method Chimère have been due to the complexity and details in regard to turbomachinery... Thus, a small bump can cause noise and drag, which must be taken into account