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Aeronautics and space sectors

Aeronautics and space sectors

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  • 1 The birth of the Flying Capabilities Campus at Salon de Provence

    On 2nd March 2011 Onera, with 5 other partners, signed the Flying Capabilities Campus convention, the aim of which is to create a center for research-training-industry open to the world of companies in the aeronautics and space sectors. The founders of the Flying Capabilities Campus are the Onera research center at Salon de Provence and the Officers Schools of the Air Force and its research center: the CReA, the Pégase competitiveness cluster, the DGA Test flight center, the Provence Agglopole and the municipality of Salon-de-Provence
  • 2 Identity

    The mission of the Defence, Aeronautics and Space programme divisions is to propose ONERA's strategy within their activity scope, and take the resulting actions. In liaison with the National Centre for Space Studies, it contributes, through its own actions or through agreements, to research and experimental achievements in the space field
  • 3 ONERA at the Paris Air Show: together with its partners

    The Paris Air Lab gives ONERA the opportunity to present its vision of the future of aeronautics and space, in two strategic sectors. Together with CNES, on Display Island E02, ONERA presents two space launch projects