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Aerospace and defense sectors

Aerospace and defense sectors

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  • 1 Transparency under high thermo-mechanical stresses

    Onera is developing perfectly transparent ceramics for applications in the aerospace and defense sectors where requirements are rigorous in terms of mechanical and thermal resistance... This first for Onera opens up new horizons for the making of all types of windows with high mechanical resistance for the aerospace and defense sectors
  • 2 Certification - Onera, certified ISO 9001

    Veritas for" directing and conducting research in aerospace and defense"... Onera, the French aerospace research center, was one of the pioneers in its sector in setting up a formal quality initiative, resulting in the 1997 certification of its Computing, Engineering and Testing facilities division, which manages its large fleet of wind tunnels
  • 3 ONERA at the Paris Air Show: Inventing together the future of aerospace

    Located in hall 2A, at location C271, closer to major French and European industrials, discover ONERA's future breakthroughs in aeronautics, space and defense. In a futuristic and welcoming environment, with the base line" Inventing together the future of aerospace", the program directors will introduce you to ONERA's universe and its many areas of expertise