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Air movements

Air movements

  • 1 Air streams on the water

    Even though all the real air flows can not be represented in a wind tunnel (we do not know how to represent a twisted sheet or the ship's swell motions), all these measurements are essential for getting a better understanding of the air movements and their consequences. 3D speed profile in line with the ship's deck
  • 2 DGV, Doppler Global Velocimetry or the photography of velocity by laser

    To render the air movements visible the flow in the wind tunnel has been seeded with very fine submicronic particles, and illuminated by a laser light sheet. These particles follow the stream lines of the vortex, and scatter the laser light reaching the camera
  • 3 Combining Scale Models for the Best... in the Best Way

    Behind the spectacular model of airflow around a wing, turbulence behind a plane, or complex movements of air around the blades of a rotor lie... 'calculation codes '. These methods, based on software engineering, numerical analysis and physical modeling, enable complex calculations to be carried out