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Air traffic management

Air traffic management

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  • 1 Signing of an ENAC-ONERA strategic agreement

    Joint actions aimed at making air traffic management (ATM) safer, more effective and more European are the core priorities of both signatories and will be amplified... The two parties will together explore the design of the future ATM, flight safety, navigation by satellite (GNSS, etc.), the environment and air transport economics
  • 2 ONERA's team ranked 2nd among 323 at the NASA "Sky for All" challenge

    323 challengers from 39 different countries submitted proposals featuring innovative Air Traffic Management (ATM) concepts and technologies, in order to facilitate a transition to an airspace with dense, diverse and autonomous traffic... The submission of three ONERA scientists (Thomas Dubot, Antoine Joulia & Judicaël Bedouet), "Managing the 2035 air traffic through clustered self-separation out of 4D protection bubbles", was awarded with the of the Sky for All challenge, which increases ONERA's visibility in terms of ATM prospective
  • 3 Groupe Thales

    Two divisions of Thales are working on it jointly, the Aeronautics division (airborne systems) and the Aerial Systems division (air traffic management), in collaboration with the Onera teams. Elsewhere, environmental concerns, which are becoming increasingly pressing, are leading us to re- examine some fundamental aspects of systems