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Air traffic

Air traffic

  • 1 Signing of an ENAC-ONERA strategic agreement

    Joint actions aimed at making air traffic management (ATM) safer, more effective and more European are the core priorities of both signatories and will be amplified. These actions include, in particular, studies aimed at including drones in air traffic
  • 2 ONERA's team ranked 2nd among 323 at the NASA "Sky for All" challenge

    323 challengers from 39 different countries submitted proposals featuring innovative Air Traffic Management (ATM) concepts and technologies, in order to facilitate a transition to an airspace with dense, diverse and autonomous traffic... The submission of three ONERA scientists (Thomas Dubot, Antoine Joulia & Judicaël Bedouet), "Managing the 2035 air traffic through clustered self-separation out of 4D protection bubbles", was awarded with the of the Sky for All challenge, which increases ONERA's visibility in terms of ATM prospective
  • 3 Infra-Red Cameras for Anti-Collision

    As part of the Onera research project to demonstrate the feasibility and acceptability of an innovative and safe concept for the insertion of drones in air traffic, a measurement campaign has been conducted at the aerodromes at Romarin (Saint Rémy de Provence) and Caume (Parc Naturel Régional des Alpilles), using Onera band II and III infra-red cameras
  • 4 Groupe Thales

    In the case of drones, one of the major problems is their insertion into air traffic... Two divisions of Thales are working on it jointly, the Aeronautics division (airborne systems) and the Aerial Systems division (air traffic management), in collaboration with the Onera teams
  • 5 Drones in the playground with their big brothers

    Flights of drones weighing 15 30 and 100 kilograms on take-off will be used to test the various elements in a real physical environment (sensors, electronic, electrical and IT equipment, motorization, actuators), essential if the drones are going to be included in general air traffic... Objective: to provide, in four years time, the various bodies responsible for the safety of flights, like Eurocontrol (in charge of air traffic control) and Easa (the European agency for aerial safety, responsible for aircraft certification), with the elements of proof that are needed
  • 6 ONERA welcomes you to its stand at the Paris Air Show!

    In order to meet the challenges associated with the considerable increase in air traffic expected in the coming years, or the increasing use of composite materials, ONERA will assist the DGAC through research agreements, deepening knowledge of these various phenomena and modeling them. If you are interested in this research, come and meet our experts!
  • 7 NOVA - NextGen ONERA Versatile Aircraft

    Challenges even more ambitious since the multiplication, at least by two, of air traffic is expected for 2030. What is NOVA?
  • 8 Checking Identity While in Flight

    To check the identity of a person, all that is needed is to ask for his or her ID. And to know which aircraft is due to land soon, the air traffic controller must make do with... asking the pilot... Like the wolf that covers its paw with flour to pass itself off as the goat in the story of The Wolf and the Seven Kids, a pilot with bad intentions can easily insert his or her plane into air traffic, by passing it off as another plane