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Air transport system

Air transport system

  • 1 Is there a pilot on board the plane?

    Researchers at ONERA are thinking about what an air transport system with no pilot and with no controller would be like... To help define an effective and safe future air transport system, we are thinking about an entirely automatic air transport system... The best way of doing this is to imagine a totally automatic air transport system
  • 2 DTIS - Information Processing and Systems

    Aerospace systems (air transport system, launch vehicles, satellites, etc. Information systems (monitoring, localisation systems, etc
  • 3 IESTA uses the CARMEN module to simulate the noise of aircraft in flight

    Infrastructure d'Evaluation de Systèmes de Transport Aérien [air transportation system evaluation infrastructure]. Clean Airport is its first operational application, intended for the evaluation of the environmental impact of air transport systems, a concept that can be broken down to the scale of a single device or of an entire fleet
  • 4 After the Velib', the Planelib'?

    The personal plane, the air link of a future multimodal transport system... It is far too early to say whether such an individual air transport system is technically feasible, and still more to judge its economic relevance
  • 5 Testing Capabilities

    Research programs for air, land and sea transport. Air inlets, with or without ground effect... Remotely controlled bench for optical measurement systems with large displacements... Captive trajectory system... Air inlets and ramjets... Air intake testing research programs
  • 6 S1MA

    Steady pressures= 992 channels (by DTC PSI ®, system 8400) (On demand this number of pressure channels can be increased up to 1984)... Large models of transport aircraft (4m span of half-span)... Air intakes (steady and unsteady measurements)