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Air vehicles

Air vehicles

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  • 1 Drones: en route for autonomy

    In the future, drones should longer be considered as a special kind of air vehicle, but rather as ordinary aircraft, subject to the same flight safety requirements. This aspect has to be integrated right from the design stage, so it will be easier to prove that they satisfy the requirement for a reasonable risk
  • 2 Actualités

    In the context of increasing interest for airships, ONERA conduct researches on one of the most sensitive and crucial issues for these vehicles: the dynamic behaviour in turbulent atmosphere and in gusts, including when flying at low altitude... Paris Air Show 2019. On 17 June 2019, during the 53rd Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, echoing the bilateral friendship treaty on cooperation and integration signed between Germany and France in January 2019, Bruno Sainjon, CEO of ONERA, signed together with DLR an agreement on their collaboration in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Over time, this cooperation could be used as a basis to establish" a virtual" Franco German AI research centre for the European aerospace sector
  • 3 ONERA's team ranked 2nd among 323 at the NASA "Sky for All" challenge

    Air Mobility for 2035 and Beyond". The objective was to envision the skies of 2035 and design a system that allows vehicles to navigate safely and efficiently in a dense and diverse airspace. 323 challengers from 39 different countries submitted proposals featuring innovative Air Traffic Management (ATM) concepts and technologies, in order to facilitate a transition to an airspace with dense, diverse and autonomous traffic