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Aircraft engines

Aircraft engines

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  • 1 More Precision for Aircraft Engine Jets

    ONERA'scientists have developed a synthetic turbulence generator to simulate the development of aircraft engine jets with greater accuracy... Recent joint numerical and experimental studies carried out at Onera on aircraft engines highlighted the strong effect of the turbulence from the engine on jet development
  • 2 ONERA and NASA co-publish a book on materials

    In aerospace, high temperature materials mainly concern aircraft engines. The engine shown is the Rafale M88 (© Safran Aircraft Engines) for which ONERA is developing the most efficient materials
  • 3 ONERA and ANDHEO are rewarded for a radically innovating aerothermal simulation

    ONERA and the SME ANDHEO have received an award for the design and implementation of an aerothermal simulation method for the hot parts of aircraft engines... This work was carried out at the request of Safran Aircraft Engines and was funded by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC, Direction Générale de l' Aviation Civile)
  • 4 Onera Provides a Breakthrough in New Generation Aircraft Burner Operability

    The Tosca][ 1 program of the Astech 2 center, completed in late 2012, has led to major advances in the development of a new Snecma burner architecture; a technology that must replace conventional burners to comply with future emission standards for aircraft engines. It was a case of improving the operability of a TAPS (Twin Annular Pre Swirl) type chamber injection system developed by Snecma, designed to reduce cruising flight NOx emissions by 50 to 60 %. Research engineers at ONERA had a double challenge: on one hand, combustion stability and quality when idling and, on other hand, reigniting the engine at high altitude
  • 5 ODAS 2017 in Aussois, a successful event!

    Ye Bonne Koyama, Safran Aircraft Engines PhD student in ONERA. receives the ODAS Award 2017 in the presence of Horst Hüners (DLR) and Francis Dupoirieux (ONERA
  • 6 A Further Step in the Modeling of the Flow in Turbine Compressors

    Compressor wheel rotation is possible in aircraft engines because there is a clearance between the vanes and the casing. However, this functional clearance is the source of vortices that hinder engine performance
  • 7 More realistic virtual engines

    Modeling what happens in the combustion chamber as accurately as possible is very important in the design of more environmentally friendly aircraft engines... Annular combustion chamber of an aircraft engine
  • 8 Digital Metallurgy

    Modeling of material microstructures allows the simulation of their mechanical behavior in operation, and so the optimization and greater reliability in the design of parts, for more reliable and efficient aircraft engines... The optimization of the superalloy used for the disk of the Rafale aircraft's Snecma M88 engine involves microstructure modeling (visible in the background
  • 9 ZéBuLoN, Numerical Microscope for Composites

    The illustrations above are a representation of the micro-metric dimension of composite materials used, for example, in an aircraft engine. These materials, with remarkable thermo-mechanical properties, are made up of elastic components- long fibers or particle inclusions- set in a metal matrix
  • 10 Ceramics are still surprising us

    To improve the performance of aircraft and helicopter engines, the temperature needs to be increased... "We are looking at small aircraft engines, and also cogeneration turbines, which produce both heat and electricity", continued Michel Parlier