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Aircraft performance

Aircraft performance

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  • 1 The ice hunt starts here

    It interfers with the engines, affects the aerodynamic performance of the aircraft, and causes deterioration of the sensors... The variant that causes most degradation of aircraft performance when the temperature is close to zero is called" the runback refreezing barrier"... Then there is glaze ice whereby local trickles of water form horns of ice thus lowering the aerodynamic performance of the aircraft
  • 2 ONERA becomes NASA's "icing" partner and first international aerospace partner

    With a duration of three and a half years, this" Swept Wing Ice Accretion Characterization and Aerodynamics Research" cooperation is aimed at understanding and modelling the deterioration of aircraft aerodynamic performance due to ice build-up on the wings. The programme envisages a parametric study, test campaigns at Glenn (IRT) and at ONERA (F1), and simulations