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Aircraft profiles

Aircraft profiles

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  • 1 Buffeting in the air

    The engineers carried out a test campaign on predicting" the buffeting" phenomenon, using a modern transport aircraft profile with moving flaps on the trailing edges- in order to study the phenomenon for different flap positions. The work done was taken up again in the framework of the Ananas program
  • 2 The ice hunt starts here

    Therefore, the researchers have had to find correspondences between the forms of ice at reduced scale and those at scale 1. In other words, find at what size the patterns of ice at reduced scale have the same effect as those at scale 1. To do this, the researchers at Onera, working with those at Nasa, have used the icing wind tunnel of the Glenn Center in Cleveland USA, and they have obtained scale 1 results on smaller aircraft profiles, which they were able to compare with the results on reduced scale profiles, and so establish correspondences