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Aircraft safety

Aircraft safety

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  • 1 Quiet, you old crates!

    Onera is developing a propeller designed to reduce the noise from light aircraft without sacrificing performance or safety... Three manufacturers offer quieter exhausts, simple and with no effect on aircraft safety
  • 2 Digital Metallurgy

    Finely modeling the behavior and the damage of these materials in relation to their microstructures is thus crucial for the design of more efficient and more reliable materials and parts of future engines (reduction of maintenance costs and improvement of aircraft safety). The current materials used for these parts, which are metallic, are superalloys strengthened by the formation of hardening particles and having a complex microstructure, which consists of a single" grain" (crystal formed by the alloy atoms) for blade applications and of a polycrystalline material (aggregates of grains) for the disks
  • 3 Trailing Vortices of a Transport Aircraft

    These vortices are harmful around airports because they require the aircraft to keep a very large safety distance between them. As they are invisible under normal conditions, they are difficult to study