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Aircraft wake

Aircraft wake

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  • 1 Buffeting in the air

    Vortices caused in the wake of the aircraft linked to the appearance of buffeting (elsA calculation by Vincent Brunet... These images represent the vortices caused in the aircraft's wake and the current lines initiated on the wing's leading edge... Vortices caused in the aircraft's wake and current lines started on the leading edge
  • 2 Trailing Vortices of a Transport Aircraft

    An aircraft carried by air always leaves behind it a wake consisting of vortices, the power of which increases with the mass of the aircraft... Numerical simulation of transport aircraft wake vortices
  • 3 A First: The Mapping of Aircraft Engine Exhaust Emissions

    In order to better understand the link between aeronautical fine-particle emissions and the formation of condensation trails in aircraft wakes, ONERA has implemented, together with Snecma, the MERMOSE test campaign to finely characterize gaseous chemical species and particulate matter emissions of a complete aircraft engine