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Applied Aerodynamics

Applied Aerodynamics

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  • 1 Stall, by elsA

    [computation by François Richez, Michel Costes, Robert Gaveriaux, "Helicopters, Propellers, Turbomachine" unit of the Applied Aerodynamics Department. But in 2010 the Onera aerodynamicists performed a simulation of stall with the elsA software using the computation resources of the GENCI (National High Performance Computing Facility)
  • 2 Numerical introspection

    Sébastien Deck, researcher in the Applied Aerodynamics Department. Visualization
  • 3 Stage of an Axial-Flow Compressor during Rotating Stall

    phD student at the Applied Aerodynamics Department. Share
  • 4 Buffeting in the air

    Magali Dodemant, Intern in the Applied Aerodynamics Department (Summer 2006. Vortices caused in the aircraft's wake and current lines started on the leading edge
  • 5 When Chimere rhymes with helicopter

    This numerical work has been conducted jointly at Onera by Stéphanie Péron (CFD methods for helicopters)][, Thomas Renaud and Michel Costes (Applied Helicopter Aerodynamics)][. Images and quotes recorded by Sylvain Gaultier (Onera web). Share
  • 6 1946 to 1962: aeronautical research that is rapidly gaining momentum

    Aerodynamics, Energy, Materials, Structure Resistance and General Physics. Research on aerodynamics was related to wing calculation, to swept wings and stabilizers for supersonic flight and to the interaction between shock waves and boundary layers on the wings in transonic flight. Applied research provided manufacturers with a veritable catalogue of results on aircraft components: fuselage shapes, wing profiles, air intakes, side control devices, etc
  • 7 Plasmas for Aeronautics

    The content of this special issue reflects the diversity of the applications and of the physical conditions where plasmas are applied: from the subsonic to the supersonic regime, from combustion chambers to external aerodynamics, and from thermal plasmas to cold plasmas. Both experimental and modeling aspects are covered, as the complexity of the physics involved render the joint approach necessary
  • 8 Lightning Hazards to Aircraft and Launchers

    The next one will present advances on" Flow Control: the Renewal of Aerodynamics" (June 2013). The papers strive to enlighten how fundamental knowledge of the physics of lightning can be applied to assess the reality of lightning threats and to improve the effectiveness of aircraft certification against lightning
  • 9 Which role Research & Technology must play to ensure France's continued stance as a major aerospace power ?

    This clearly applies to the men and women of ONERA... One of the most striking examples is our elsA computation code, a complete aerodynamics software package that simulates complex internal and external airflows for multidisciplinary applications... A number of research projects address this issue, including noise reduction, the use of alternative fuels, reducing fuel consumption by enhancing aircraft aerodynamics, reducing structural mass, increasing the intrinsic performance of engines, reducing emissions and more