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Areas of application

Areas of application

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  • 1 DTIS - Information Processing and Systems

    Its activities concern goals in aeronautics, space and defence, with these main areas of application. Aircraft (transport aircraft, fighter jets, UAVs, airships, helicopters, etc
  • 2 The lights of night

    However, it can also have civilian applications: industrial process monitoring, cartography of turbulence areas in meteorology, astrophysics, or even air and water pollution monitoring. Two methods can be used: thermography consists in making infrared emission maps, while remote sensing aims toward obtaining information from each pixel, for example regarding the nature of the object picked out
  • 3 The Aerodynamicist's Eye

    An anthology of image and video applications... It allows separations, vortices and turbulent areas to be revealed, in order to understand the structure of the flow and also to prepare further measurements with a hot wire anemometer, or a laser velocimeter for example... The seeding of the flow is directed towards the areas of interest using a cane (Arbel Fauvet Rail Company)
  • 4 TERRISCOPE, a platform for the development of airborne imagery to benefit society

    In addition to some isolated applications dedicated to environmental issues (for example, the identification of energy losses from buildings, the determination of surface water stock and the determination of renewable energy production potential), the focus will be particularly on services resulting from gathering data over extensive areas and/or areas with complex geometries (metropolitan dynamics, the functioning of large scale agricultural and forestry operations and natural resource management)