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Areas of expertise

  • 1 Long-term planning - Air transport 2050

    As a pivotal player in long-term planning for the aerospace industry, Onera called on a dozen of its specialists from complementary areas of expertise to write this study (taking about 30 days over a period of six months). The multidisciplinary task force was able to draw on the broad scope of research at Onera, which covers all disciplines in aeronautics and space
  • 2 ONERA at the Paris Air Show: Inventing together the future of aerospace

    In a futuristic and welcoming environment, with the base line" Inventing together the future of aerospace", the program directors will introduce you to ONERA's universe and its many areas of expertise. Beyond its institutional stand, ONERA will also be present at some stands of its partners: on the stand of the Ministry of Armed Forces (A3-6), in the Concorde hall dedicated to the first edition of Paris Air Lab, on the stand of the AirCar sector that ONERA manage (Hall 4, stand C166), with CNES aboard the Zero G aircraft, with the Réplic' Air association for its project to build a Dewoitine D- 551 at the Museum of Air and Space (Hall 39 45)
  • 3 Together with the SHOM, ONERA invents gravity mapping with atomic accuracy

    This ONERA initiative is very much within ONERA's area of expertise in navigation and inertial sensors (including space accelerometry). Prospects are numerous, especially in the areas of defense, aeronautics and space
  • 4 Drones: en route for autonomy

    We're very fortunate at Onera in we have the complementary areas of expertise needed to address these subjects, namely optics, optronics, synthetic aperture radars (SAR), image processing, online planning and control. This gives us a real advantage in terms of developing solutions and moving forward
  • 5 The lights of night

    However, it can also have civilian applications: industrial process monitoring, cartography of turbulence areas in meteorology, astrophysics, or even air and water pollution monitoring... Areas of activity such as a port or an industrial area can also be picked out... The animation above offers a global view of an industrialized coastal area, taken by the Timbre-Poste infrared imager
  • 6 A Higher Degree of Industrial Realism for Aerodynamic Simulation

    ONERA's expertise in this area was recognized at beginning of 2012, at the conclusion of the Aitec research project, which was dedicated to the non- stationary analysis of turbomachinery in aerodynamics and acoustics. At that time, the industrialists, the DGA and the DGAC applauded the technological effect prediction quality of ONERA's aerodynamic simulation software elsA
  • 7 TERRISCOPE, a platform for the development of airborne imagery to benefit society

    Primarily financed by the Languedoc Roussillon Midi Pyrénées region and by ERDF** funds from the European Union, the use of this platform synergizes the expertise and resources of ONERA and SAFIRE,* a public instrumented research aircraft operator... In addition to some isolated applications dedicated to environmental issues (for example, the identification of energy losses from buildings, the determination of surface water stock and the determination of renewable energy production potential), the focus will be particularly on services resulting from gathering data over extensive areas and/or areas with complex geometries (metropolitan dynamics, the functioning of large scale agricultural and forestry operations and natural resource management)
  • 8 News

    ONERA has world-renowned expertise in lightning strikes and their consequences, built up over the course of 40 years of laboratory and flight experience, theoretical developments, and exchanges with aircraft manufacturers and operators. Tuesday 20 June, attend the opening presentation of the IFAR Early Career Network "Research to help addressing present and future challenges facing aviation" and the following panel on sustainable aviation
  • 9 Which role Research & Technology must play to ensure France's continued stance as a major aerospace power ?

    We have achieved a number of successes in both civil and military aerospace, all built on technologies and expertise that have been carefully developed to meet not only technology and performance goals, but also economic objectives... Since the founding of this state establishment, our people have been involved in the success of major French and European programs in all areas of aerospace and defense, including civil and military airplanes and helicopters, launch vehicles, strategic and tactical missiles and more
  • 10 Groupe Thales

    The absence of active transmission gives the system a stealth character that is suited to the surveillance of frontier areas... This phenomenon may have several causes: the closeness of clouds, variations in local temperatures, orographic waves... pilots know these areas well and avoid them for the well being of their passengers