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Ariane launcher

Ariane launcher

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  • 1 "Two in One" Calculations

    Jean Didier Garaud, PhD from the Solid Mechanics and Damage Mechanisms Department (DMSE) is interested, for example, in flow issues in the cooling circuit of the Vulcain2 engine of the Ariane launcher. This circuit is made up of hollow tubes with a rectangular cross section, coiled in a spiral around the nozzle wall and through which hydrogen circulates to cool the walls
  • 2 1984 to 1996 - New orientations

    They would be instrumental in the success of the Airbus family, of the Rafale, and of the Ariane launcher, among others... "Perfect fluid" flow calculation by Onera around the Ariane 5 Hermes" composite" launcher
  • 3 Ariane 5 and Ariane 6 at Fauga-Mauzac Testing Facilities

    A few months earlier, ONERA Fauga Mauzac centre started to work on the future Ariane 6 launcher intended to take over from Ariane 5 in 2025. A first firing thus took place on a representative model of the future P180 solid booster
  • 4 Take-Off at the Martel Test Bench

    When the Ariane 5 launcher's two massive solid fuel thrusters fire up, the sudden release of combustion gases creates an extremely powerful shock wave... This system is currently being installed on the Martel test bench in Poitiers, designed for aeroacoustic studies of the jets of launchers such as Ariane 5 and Vega