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Atmospheric turbulence

Atmospheric turbulence

  • 1 10 years of adaptive optics with NACO (NAOS-CONICA)

    Thanks to the atmospheric turbulence correction system NAOS, developed under ONERA management, the discoveries of the VLT have been exceptional: planetary details of our solar system, the first images of an exoplanet, the revelation of a super massive black hole in our galaxy, etc.
  • 2 Our offer

    Characterisation and modelling of optical propagation through atmospheric turbulence. Modelling of the IR and visible signature of aircraft
  • 3 Groupe Thales

    Atmospheric turbulence is an issue for air transport comfort and safety... Onera is a partner of Thales for the system modeling aspects and a partner of CNRS for atmospheric turbulence data acquisition and modeling
  • 4 First discovery of an exoplanet by the VLT/SPHERE

    Real-time correction of images using the deformable mirror, which corrects atmospheric turbulence effects over 1300 times per second with nanometric accuracy, made it possible, among other technological feats, to make this discovery and to access all of these data on this exoplanet. This system, which has become an integral part of Sphere, is based on ONERA's know-how in adaptive optics