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Chemical reactions

Chemical reactions

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  • 1 Micro-turbines, maxi-difficulties

    Additionally, its chemical reaction time (the necessary time for the combustion chemical reaction to take place) is 50 microseconds, ten times shorter than that of the hydrocarbons that are usually used... However, it must remain as five times greater than the chemical reaction time, without which combustion would be poor
  • 2 More realistic virtual engines

    Now, during the ignition phase the flows and chemical reactions change very quickly, they aren't stationary at all. This is also true of turbulent flows where the large-scale vortex structures move constantly and in an unpredictable fashion"
  • 3 Assisting Combustion with Plasma

    Does the plasma work by chemical reactions, by raising the temperature or by hydrodynamic modification of the flows? These studies are at the frontiers of at least two disciplines: the science of combustion and the physical chemistry of plasmas
  • 4 50 years of laser research at Onera

    A little later Onera also developed a patented method of real-time measurement of the composition and temperature in the combustion chambers and other reactive environments like plasmas without disturbing the flows or chemical reactions. Another invention: devices to measure the speed of gas flows e.g. around an aircraft model