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Complex systems

Complex systems

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  • 1 ONERA welcomes you at the Paris Air Show

    With the theme" ONERA thinks up and tests future breakthroughs", the French aerospace research centre will highlight its technological innovations and its ability to design complex systems for aircraft of the future, both civilian and military. On this occasion, ONERA is presenting three strategic, economic and environmental topics
  • 2 The second youth of optics

    Over the last fifteen years, optics have undergone developments comparable to those that created the phenomenal success of electronics half a century ago: miniaturization, integration of complex systems and introduction into the activities and needs of the general public. This kind of optics longer has much to do with that of mirrors and lenses, whose sizes could be counted in centimeters at the least
  • 3 An integrated team for nanotechnology research

    This with, as Riad has said, an intangible principle: to trace out the entire development chain, from the beginning of the study, in order to envisage that the same high-tech object will be used to demonstrate physical effects before being integrated into a complex system (for example an infra-red camera), in order to show its applicative potential
  • 4 Groupe Thales

    Aeronautics and the management of air space are fields in which many players are involved and for which we are developing sub-assemblies of complex systems. Therefore, it is not surprising if the leading position occupied by Thales is the result of a strategy of judiciously chosen partnerships
  • 5 Military Aircraft

    ONERA Wind Tunnel Division test facilities offer large capabilities for testing military aircraft full models or complex dedicated testing services (air intake, captive trajectory, store effects, nozzle....) using adequate hardware throughout the flight envelope... -2 systems available (1 in, 1 in