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Composite materials

Composite materials

  • 1 Onera, World Champion in Fracture Prediction

    The results of this contest, published in the journal Journal of Composite Materials in March 2013, greatly contribute to the reputation of the winning laboratory, as shown by the previous edition (WWFE I). This public evaluation is very much appreciated by manufacturers, who take it into account when choosing their simulation tools
  • 2 Our offer

    Design, production and characterisation of metallic, ceramic or composite materials and structural elements. Study and validation of new concepts
  • 3 ZéBuLoN, Numerical Microscope for Composites

    Result of a finite elements numerical simulation (ZéBuLoN code) showing the field of plastic deformations in a micro-structure of a composite material with a metal matrix... The illustrations above are a representation of the micro-metric dimension of composite materials used, for example, in an aircraft engine
  • 4 Ceramics are still surprising us

    "In the eighties, we had high hopes for ceramic matrix composites; that is, ceramics reinforced with fibers", recalls Michel Parlier, researcher at the Department of composite materials and systems at Onera. "But the results were disappointing: the mechanical characteristics were not as good as we 'd have liked, and the cost was too high"
  • 5 Wind Turbines, Computers in the Fields

    But these composite materials are very difficult to model. "We are trying to understand the aerodynamics of the blades (air flows around airfoil) and their aeroelasticity (the way in which the structure is deformed by the combined action of the wind and the rotation of the blades), says Marc Rapin, research engineer at Onera
  • 6 ONERA welcomes you to its stand at the Paris Air Show!

    In order to meet the challenges associated with the considerable increase in air traffic expected in the coming years, or the increasing use of composite materials, ONERA will assist the DGAC through research agreements, deepening knowledge of these various phenomena and modeling them. If you are interested in this research, come and meet our experts!
  • 7 Quiet, you old crates!

    So Onera has designed a five blade propeller, of a smaller diameter than existing propellers, and made of composite materials so thickness can be decreased. Resistance calculations are currently being done for models of this propeller, using a CAD software package (Catia)
  • 8 1984 to 1996 - New orientations

    The optimization of this aircraft demanded the synthesis of multiple technologies, in the fields of aerodynamics, propulsion, materials and structures, generalized automatic control, optoelectronics, microelectronics and signal processing... Rendering a target discrete implies further developing the shapes, coating and materials, as well as the equipment, without reducing performance
  • 9 ONERA at the Paris Air Show: together with its partners

    Composite and metallic materials, with parts made through innovative processes. Embedded systems, with a cooled infra-red camera with integrated optics