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Eddy Simulation

Eddy Simulation

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  • 1 Simulation of the noise of landing gear through CFD*

    The aeroacoustic simulations are thus based on flow calculations (CFD), most often based on the method of simulation of large scales or LES2 (Large Eddy Simulation), and its hybrid variants RANS3 / LES, such as ZDES4 (Zonal Detached Eddy Simulation) ... However, the implementation of the DES for Cedre is less proven than for elsA (Cedre uses the DDES method- Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation)
  • 2 Stall, by elsA

    Zonal Detached Eddy Simulation (ZDES) of the flow around a 3D wing of finite span in stalled configuration by the elsA software. [computation by François Richez, Michel Costes, Robert Gaveriaux, "Helicopters, Propellers, Turbomachine" unit of the Applied Aerodynamics Department
  • 3 More Precision for Aircraft Engine Jets

    2 ZDES- Zonal Detached Eddy Simulation... [for large scale simulation] Technique for solving turbulent flow equations, where the large scales of motion are solved explicitly, while small scales (smaller in size than the calculation mesh) are modeled by" an eddy viscosity" term