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Electromagnetic compatibility

Electromagnetic compatibility

  • 1 DEMR - Electromagnetism and Radar

    It brings together various disciplines ranging from physics to system studies, through fine-scale description of the environment, the propagation and study of radar clutter, numerical calculation, antennas, electromagnetic compatibility, stealth, signal processing, electronics, real-time computing and experimentation
  • 2 Reversed Time

    To perfect electromagnetic compatibility tests, Onera researchers have adapted a technique developed over the last few years in acoustics, time reversal... In an environment overloaded with electromagnetic waves, checking the electromagnetic compatibility of systems is a major issue... With the increasing number of items of electronic equipment in civil and military equipment, checking the electromagnetic compatibility of the different systems is essential
  • 3 The Activities of ONERA in regard to Lightning Protection

    An ONERA team of specialists in electromagnetic compatibility gathered in Kourou in April 2011 to qualify the Soyuz launch site in regard to lightning protection. The group of 4 towers intended for the protection of the launch site against lightning
  • 4 Our offer

    Fine-scale description of the environment, propagation and study of radar clutter, numerical computation, electromagnetic compatibility, signal processing. Materials and structures