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Experimental data

Experimental data

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  • 1 Gust effect control: a European first at ONERA

    The effect of gust fields on the aerodynamic and aeroelastic behaviour of the model was analysed and the experimental data was delivered to ONERA's main partners (Airbus and Dassault Aviation) for the validation of their numerical methods. Control results for Mach= 0 3 and 0 73 on accelerometer responses for a broadband gust disturbance
  • 2 Leading Edge Research Tracks Down NOx in Aeronautics

    The results of the first models obtained in early 2012 agree very well with the experimental data for several operating points (from the climb to the approach). This interesting result is an additional step in the validation of combustion theoretical models developed at ONERA
  • 3 More realistic virtual engines

    So, in their calculations, research workers have to resort to experimental data for these droplets. Simulation of the injection system will also require new models and more computing resources