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Experimental environment

Experimental environment

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  • 1 Drones become intelligent

    "We know how to do it, but only in an experimental environment. That's not enough to get a more general authorization that allows our drones to fly in all of the aerial zones between two airfields." Pilots are still indispensable but for how much longer?
  • 2 DMAS - Materials And Structures

    The activities of the Materials and Structures Department, DMAS, deal with the microstructure of materials (from the atomic scale up to the macroscopic scale), the static and dynamic behaviour to rapid or vibratory dynamics of structures in their environment up to crash or impact, and also include the design, development and characterisation of materials and elements of metallic, ceramic or composite structures
  • 3 LIMA, a platform to make a success of new generation airborne imaging

    In order to facilitate access to these technologies and master their complexity, Onera will provide operating tools to its partners and customers, such as databases, processing and computer operating channels, as well as the necessary support (training, research partnership, etc.). The organization of" the idea to completed result" airborne campaigns, the in-flight performance evaluation and the experimental characterization of the processing and results are part of the service provided by LIMA