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Experimental results

Experimental results

  • 1 Extreme Materials for Hyperswift Missiles

    Experimental results showed the resistance of the structures created to the high temperatures of the hypersonic flights envisaged. This spectacular success was crowned by the awarding of the MBDA Innovation Prize to the Onera research team
  • 2 ONERA-M6 Wing, Star of CFD

    The development engineer is required to accurately compare the software results with experimental results, in a generic configuration corresponding to its field of use. In practice, there are a large number of configurations, called test cases, which present experimental results in the form of a database, as well as a detailed description of the experimental conditions (geometry, physics, etc.)
  • 3 The droplet and the engine

    "In a conventional internal combustion engine, whether automobile or aeronautic, the fuel is injected as a mist of droplets into the combustion chamber where, by the effect of heat, these drops evaporate and the vapor created is mixed with air before igniting" explains Fréderic Grisch, researcher of the Measurement Physics department and Onera-side coordinator of the CNRS-Onera aerospace federating project" Experimental and analytic methods for multi-component mists"
  • 4 ZéBuLoN, Numerical Microscope for Composites

    Result of a finite elements numerical simulation (ZéBuLoN code) showing the field of plastic deformations in a micro-structure of a composite material with a metal matrix... A simulation, like those the results of which can be seen above, gives" the micro" stresses, using the local behavior law... Experimental set-up for traction-torsion tests on metal matrix composite tubes (Onera DMSM / CEMN laboratory)