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Finite element

Finite element

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  • 1 Crash !

    In order to study the behaviour of aircrafts in such configurations and to include crash certification requirements* in the design process, industrials use powerful finite element** tools and computers... Rules or criteria that the aircraft has to satisfy in ordear to be entitled to fly in a country acknowledging these rules.* Finite elements
  • 2 ZéBuLoN, Numerical Microscope for Composites

    Result of a finite elements numerical simulation (ZéBuLoN code) showing the field of plastic deformations in a micro-structure of a composite material with a metal matrix... The images show the micro-structures of these materials calculated by a finite element method using the ZéBuLoN structures calculation code, developed by the Ecole des Mines in Paris in partnership with Onera
  • 3 Balance design capability

    They are defined using design software (CATIA) and finite element software (SAMCEF)... The balance's finite element modelisation is optimized to obtain the best compromise between rigidity and sensitivity, to reduce thermo mechanical and centrifugal effects... Balance design (Finite element calculation