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Flight conditions

Flight conditions

  • 1 Drones become intelligent

    Similarly, the vehicle's response must remain robust to the variations in flight conditions: at sunset and midday, the algorithms must respond correctly in every case, whether there are shadows or not. "What's difficult is constructing a control architecture that's safe, reliable and compatible with on-board decision making, "concluded Patrick Fabiani
  • 2 Buffeting in the air

    To limit this phenomenon and correct the problems of buffeting related to the angle of attack, flaps are placed on the trailing edges of wings: they create a divergence at the lower surface, increasing the rear load, which pushes back the boundary of the buffeting domain- forbidden flight conditions domain
  • 3 Space application

    ONERA Wind Tunnel Division test facilities offer large capabilities for testing space vehicle in the different flight phases (take of, cruise, limit of the flight envelope conditions...). Flight performances