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Flow rate

Flow rate

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  • 1 BD2 : Nozzle thrust measurement

    This is a blow down test stand with usable air storage of 3 500 kg, the blow down time depends on the maximum mass flow rate through the model. Depending on the flow rates, 6 to 8 blow downs can be run per day... primary flow range, 16 kg / s maximum mass flow rate in cold condition, maximal temperature 1 150 K allowed by the stand structure (see the mass flow vs pressure diagram
  • 2 ONERA-M6 Wing, Star of CFD

    It is an essential parameter for characterizing the flow rate in the boundary layer close to the wall: fully laminar at very low Re, fully turbulent for very large Re, etc.). 6 The main results concerning the M6 wing are recorded in
  • 3 The droplet and the engine

    Given the importance of the evaporation phase for combustion performance, it is clear that we have to analyze the droplet mist from all angles (size and speed of droplets, average temperature, temperature distribution within the drop, flow rate, etc.) in order to understand how the droplets behave when passing from the liquid to the gaseous state