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  • 1 SYSIPHE hyperspectral imager set to define the defense systems of tomorrow

    The delivery by ONERA of the French part of SYSIPHE (SYstème Spectro Imageur de mesure des Propriétés Hyperspectrales Embarqué- onboard spectral imaging system for measuring hyperspectral properties) to the DGA, the French Armaments Procurement Agency, marks the start of a new phase with the launch of an evaluation in operational conditions
  • 2 Hyperspectral imaging

    They were acquired in the South of France over the Salins de Giraud, with the camera on board a Puma helicopter from the Istres Flight Test Center (French Armaments Procurement Agency). The flight path on the ground of the extract presented is a rectangle of about 400 meters wide and 300 meters high (steps on the ground of 1 meter), and about 40 spectral bands were acquired simultaneously