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Fundamental physics

Fundamental physics

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  • 1 DPHY - Physics Instrumentation Environment Space

    New inertial instruments for guidance-navigation, geodetics geodesy or fundamental physics, based on micro / nano technologies, electrostatic or atomic interferometry. Methods and instruments for the metrological characterisation of flows and plasmas, based on optical spectroscopy, specific sensors or sources such as tunable lasers, OPO, LIDAR, photoacoustics, etc
  • 2 The Microscope Mission has been confirmed for 2017

    Theoreticians and investigators in fundamental physics in space met for a conference at the Onera center in Palaiseau on Monday September 19th... In conclusion, the guests at the round table emphasized that Microscope was, for time being, the only project on the international level capable of advancing by three orders of magnitude our knowledge of the fundamental laws of physics
  • 3 Earth Observation

    The success of GOCE confirms the world leadership of ONERA in ultra sensitive accelerometry, for which the main applications are terrestrial gravity measurement (GRACE mission- with NASA, GOCE mission- with ESA) and fundamental physics experiments in space- with the CNES Microscope mission, whose payload is currently in the final phase of qualification
  • 4 An important step to test the equivalence principle on an atomic scale

    In addition to the benefits for fundamental physics, this success reinforces ONERA's expertise in embeddable atomic gravimetry because it uses the same technology based on cold atoms and sturdy lasers. Notes
  • 5 50 years of laser research at Onera

    But, turbulence phenomena, that remain one of the great mysteries of fundamental physics, occur over periods of time that are shorter than a millisecond. So to understand turbulent behavior we are going to use lasers having repetition frequencies that are much higher, that can be used to explore phenomena lasting less than a millisecond"
  • 6 The lights of night

    we look for the most promising of the emerging technologies and study the fundamental physics involved in these detectors. In addition, we develop original measurement techniques, in order to measure the ultimate performance of the detectors
  • 7 ONERA at the Paris Air Show: together with its partners

    The Microscope satellite must carry out a fundamental theoretical physics experiment while in orbit: the testing of the general relativity postulate known as the principle of equivalence. According to this hypothesis formulated by Einstein, all bodies in free fall are subjected to the same acceleration, regardless of their mass or composition (equivalence between the notions of acceleration and gravitation)
  • 8 Jubilee in honor of Emmanuel Rosencher 30 years of quantum engineering applied to optics

    The French Optical Society, the Advanced Research Cluster" Physics Triangle" and ONERA celebrated 30 years of quantum engineering on May 24th 2011 in the Pierre Faurre amphitheater of the École Polytechnique... Report on a conference that was rich in physics. Opto-electronics is the basis of the information technology revolution of the last 20 years, the technology of devices that it has become impossible to do without (MOS capabilities, semiconductor lasers, CCD imagers, etc.). This is a hybrid field, at the interface between photonics and electronics, based on concepts of quantum mechanics and transport phenomena physics
  • 9 Lightning Hazards to Aircraft and Launchers

    The papers strive to enlighten how fundamental knowledge of the physics of lightning can be applied to assess the reality of lightning threats and to improve the effectiveness of aircraft certification against lightning.