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High performance

High performance

  • 1 A high performance computer

    It regularly selects machines with cutting-edge performance, to enable its personnel to conduct their studies and to develop new software suited to new architectures... Its peak performance of 667 Tflop / s* for a LINPACK* performance of 579 Tflop / s, has propelled ONERA back into the World Top 500 HPC* rankings
  • 2 ONERA, a world-class leader in CFD

    ONERA thus measured itself against the international state of the art in terms of precision and performance of modern CFD methods for unsteady aerodynamics:** fine multiscale turbulence, higher-order geometric representations, HPC (High Performance Computing) efficiency, shock / boundary layer interaction problems
  • 3 Stall, by elsA

    But in 2010 the Onera aerodynamicists performed a simulation of stall with the elsA software using the computation resources of the GENCI (National High Performance Computing Facility). This type of simulation on a 3D wing was a first for Onera
  • 4 The Smallest Cryogenic Infrared Camera in the World

    The goal is to make an ultra-compact high performance infrared camera for surveillance applications, or for piloting assistance. Compactness will allow infrared observation capabilities to be extended to systems with low payload capacity, such as drones or light vehicles
  • 5 Ceramics are still surprising us

    That is why Onera is working on designs for new high performance materials, oxide- based eutectic ceramics. "We are really looking for great things from this family of materials", emphasized Michel Parlier
  • 6 The lights of night

    These high performances have a cost: the need to cool. When an infrared photon hits the detector, it emits an electron
  • 7 Onera and Cetim Make a Breakthrough in the Production of Composite Parts

    The innovation lies in the possibility of producing light parts with high mechanical performance, at rates compatible with the requirements of automobile production. PSA Peugeot Citroën is a partner