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Image processing

Image processing

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  • 1 From June 16 to 20, visit our stand and meet ONERA at Eurosatory

    Image processing (demo scheduled) :accelerate the intelligence process by extracting pertinent information from images. Guidance & Navigation
  • 2 Computing power at the service of measurement

    Two ONERA engineer researcher teams- one of experimental aerodynamicists, the other data processing experts specializing in image processing, have together developed the FOLKI*-SPIV software for high-speed processing of sequences of PIV images (Particle Image Velocimetry). We know about the precision and remarkable performance of FOLKI-SPIV: in the research wind tunnels in Meudon[ DAFE] where it has now become the reference software, FOLKI-SPIV has enabled us to divide processing times by a factor of 8. So, to process 1000 stereo 4 Mpixel PIV images
  • 3 Progress in optical diagnostics

    The applications of this new diagnostic method are potentially very numerous and will be developed in the near future with the help of codes for the reconstitution of Schlieren photographic images and image processing (tracking, particle size). Evolution of an aluminum particle in combustion leaving the surface of a solid propellant on four images taken at 1 ms intervals
  • 4 The adaptive optics developed by Onera at the core of the search for exoplanets

    After masking the light from the star (at the centre) and processing, the companion- a white dwarf- is clearly visible, with a contrast of magnitude 10 7. On the left: raw image (SPHERE) ;on the right, the image after processing... Beyond this scientific and technological prowess, Onera has also significantly contributed to the development of image processing techniques that are built into the instrument
  • 5 The earth in all its glory, seen from the sky using the SIELETERS instrument

    After post- processing, Sieleters yields a cube of perfectly aligned and geo-referenced spectral images... After processing, all of the Sieleters interferometric images will be transformed into such structures... Thales Service :tools for image processing