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Industrial application

Industrial application

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  • 1 1st european Workshop on MDO for industrial Applications in Aeronautics Challenges and Expectations

    10/24 / 2017- 10/25 / 2017. Hosted by DLR, Braunschweig, Germany. Share. Follow us
  • 2 Reconciliation of calculation time and complexity

    An acoustic propagation calculation with hybrid coupling meshing methods has shown the importance of the process for industrial applications. Hybrid coupling meshing methods make it easier to take into account complex geometries (finite-element unstructured meshing- discontinuous Galerkine method) while reducing calculation costs (structured Cartesian meshing with finite differences over the rest of the domain)
  • 3 Onera, World Champion in Fracture Prediction

    Integration of the full version into the Abaqus code is envisaged, in order to extend its use to industrial composite applications. Contact
  • 4 Groupe Thales

    Here he talks about the benefits a partnership with Onera brings to an industrial company... Conversely, for the application aspects, our collaborations are more restricted and we always employ a small number of players... Have you got some examples of applications in mind?... Finally, the limits imposed by the regulations on the ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum allocated to radar applications favor the use of this method