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Infra-red camera

Infra-red camera

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  • 1 Infra-Red Cameras for Anti-Collision

    As part of the Onera research project to demonstrate the feasibility and acceptability of an innovative and safe concept for the insertion of drones in air traffic, a measurement campaign has been conducted at the aerodromes at Romarin (Saint Rémy de Provence) and Caume (Parc Naturel Régional des Alpilles), using Onera band II and III infra-red cameras
  • 2 The Smallest Cryogenic Infrared Camera in the World

    The infrared on-chip camera, developed at ONERA within the framework of a thesis by Florence de la Barrière, is a technology breakthrough compared to existing infrared systems: the entire optical system is integrated to the cryogenic infrared detector itself... The goal is to make an ultra-compact high performance infrared camera for surveillance applications, or for piloting assistance
  • 3 Maxwell would have loved it

    The experiment corresponding to the preceding image in which we placed films (one conducting, the other one magnetic) the heating of which is recorded by an infra-red camera, for a TEM[ Transverse electromagnetic] wave... This film heats up slightly, and we film the heating up with an infra-red camera (capable of seeing temperature differences)
  • 4 Transition tripping and visualization

    Using an infrared camera, it was observed that the nature of the boundary layer could be constantly observed with no need for creating a thermal disequilibrium in the wind tunnel... 1 Infrared camera- test with 4 simultaneous cameras demonstrated (laminar tests
  • 5 TERRISCOPE, a platform for the development of airborne imagery to benefit society

    Infrared image extracted from a hyperspectral image taken by the Hyspex near infrared camera © ONERA... The establishment of airborne measurement capability with various fixed-wing drones, as well as compact or miniaturized systems: next generation hyperspectral imagers, full-waveform topographic 3D LIDAR and multispectral infrared cameras
  • 6 Hypersonic Shock Wave in Martian Atmosphere

    In this experiment, the thermal fluxes at Mach 10 were measured in the windtunnel with an infrared camera. Bruno Chanetz